Design for Six Sigma

Design for Six Sigma in Ethiopia


Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) uses Six Sigma methodology to develop products, services, and processes which result in increased efficiency, added profitability, and greater customer satisfaction. DFSS or Design for Six Sigma uses Six Sigma methodologies and tools during the development phase of a new product, service, or process. Furthermore, our program goes one step further by including "the voice of the customer" and simulation or testing techniques that are used to show the effectiveness or weaknesses of new designs.

Although individuals without prior knowledge can take the DFSS program, students who are already versed in the Six Sigma methodology will often receive the most benefits. In many cases, students will complete a Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt course, while the DFSS - Design for Six Sigma program supplements learning and provides more knowledge.

With this in mind, who should attend Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)?
This program is perfectly suited for students involved in marketing or product development. It is also a great match for anyone who is tasked with implementing a new process, developing a new product, or creating a new service. As mentioned above, students with no prior experience may join this training, but Green Belts and Black Belts who are familiar with Six Sigma methodologies may get the most benefit from these concepts.

Throughout this training, we will look at proven methods to determine a client's needs. As with any Six Sigma methodology, this is done through statistical analysis by translating the information into QFD used within the design model creation and valuation. There is no guesswork in Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma.


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Six Sigma Ethiopia is a subsidiary of 2KO International in Cape Town, conducting instructor led Six Sigma training and certification for blue chip companies in and around Africa. Six Sigma Ethiopia course advisors are able to answer any questions you may have, and can supply additional information about our training programs. They are contactable on International number+27 21 426 5300.