Six Sigma Champion Courses

Six Sigma Champion Courses in Ethiopia


The Six Sigma Champion Leadership program takes a verified approach for enhancing business performance. Essentially, this is recognised as Six Sigma. Our integrated and methodical style of process improvement concentrates on results which are based on the statistical examination of data rather than theories. The purpose of Six Sigma is to finish projects with quantifiable business results that yields wither a soft-money or hard-money saving for the business.

Managers or administrators who patron projects and make sure that Six Sigma processes are being put into an organization are known as "Champions". These people are provided training in regards to the fundamentals of Six Sigma methods. The primary objective of Six Sigma Champion Leadership training is to educate the individuals in the class and provide them with the necessary skills in order to select useful projects that are centered on the mission and objectives of the company. Moreover, Champions not only have to choose which projects are meaningful to the larger aims of the business, but they have the task of selecting and teaching Six Sigma project leaders. These project leaders are called "Belts". The Champion's main function is to lend support and implement Six Sigma processes and methods within the company while making sure that the process correlates with larger business objectives and initiatives. In contrast to various other Champion agendas, goes beyond customary training in order to give our students an option that is constructed solely on Six Sigma Leadership.

Six Sigma Ethiopia is a subsidiary of 2KO International in Cape Town, conducting instructor led Six Sigma training and certification for blue chip companies in and around Africa. Six Sigma Ethiopia course advisors are able to answer any questions you may have, and can supply additional information about our training programs. They are contactable on International number+27 21 426 5300.

Our On-Site Six Sigma Champion Leadership Training Covers

Added Elements
There is a snack given out during the morning hours and afternoon
An enticing light lunch is given to students every day except on Fridays for most localities
We provide manuals to our students, and they are color and laser printed
Practice exercises that are educational, entertaining and fun!
Gratifying environment suitable for training and one that students appreciate

Highlights of Six Sigma
Live contact with a certified Master Black Belt teacher that has actual real-world experience with Six Sigma projects
Assistance involving implementing Six Sigma
All-inclusive samples of projects
Detailed Project Charter models
Reduced rate for any kind of onsite implementation assistance

2 Day - Leadership Champion Training for Six Sigma-Schedule
Introduction to Six Sigma
Tactics and advantages involving Six Sigma
How to begin with Six Sigma
Project definition for Six Sigma
Six Sigma Example Projects
Process involving project selection
Six Sigma Distribution and how to choose Black Belts
Development of metrics with Six Sigma Projects
Recognition of Six Sigma
Learning what Lean Six Sigma is all about
Incorporation of Six Sigma and Lean methods
Fundamental tools of Six Sigma
Systems of Measurement
Capability Study
How to apply Six Sigma to Business Processes
Keeping track and the management of Six Sigma Projects
Handling alterations within the Six Sigma Process
Monetary Strategies for Six Sigma Projects


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