Yellow Belt Six Sigma Course

Six sigma Ethiopia’s yellow belt course is perfect for anyone wishing to integrate six sigma methodologies for the improvement of production and transactional systems to better meet customer expectations and bottom-line objectives within their organisation. A six sigma yellow belt practitioner typically has a basic knowledge of six sigma, but does not lead projects. The yellow belt practitioner gathers data, participates in problem solving and adds their expertise to the exploration process. Our yellow belt course typically runs for 2 days, by means of live virtual online or face–to-face contact classes in Addis Ababa or other major cities. We also offer fully on-demand online elearning. Give our free white belt a try – click here to begin.


Learn directly from our very own trainers, who use studio-grade equipment to record modules on our various topics. We use one of the top LMS systems in the world, which allows you to watch the video modules and complete quizzes the whole way through before completing your final exams. See Online Yellow Belt section below.


Six Sigma Ethiopia typically uses Microsoft Teams for our virtual training but can use different software at your request when large groups are involved. Enjoy our live virtual online instructor-led training with experienced Six Sigma professionals in a virtual classroom-based setting from a location you find most convenient.


All of our trainers are elite level Six Sigma practitioners with years of real world experience. These industry experts understand that your ability to succeed rests on their ability to teach you and are dedicated to making you utilize your full potential.


If you have more than 6 persons to be trained, it can be beneficial financially to conduct the course as your premises onsite in Ethiopia. If you require on-site training please inquire below. On special request our trainers can organise on-site training to come and train your staff at your companies facilities.